Why June 29 is special to me

This may start of somber but I promise you that it will be good by the end 😉 My mom passed suddenly back in September of 2008. I am an only child, and so it was quite a gut-punch to lose the one parent that I had an actively and growing relationship with. It has […]

Mavala is my new nail favorite!

These little bottles are amazing. I just have to shaw that Mavala is my new favorite set of nail products! Nope, they didn’t ask me to pitch their product as an influencer (although I am not ashamed to admit that I would if the question ever came up from them, lol) I simply tried them […]

#DIY mini spa time in your shower!

Sometimes you have to create your own spa oasis in the middle of your regular life…literally! How can you turn a regular hectic-paced shower into a moment of luxury?  Well, I have discovered that it’s not that hard to do, and it doesn’t cost a mint either 😉 As with most things, it’s about the […]

Beyond the Mask in theaters June 5!

Hey all! You all know that I have really enjoyed getting the word out about the recent faith-based movie Beyond the Mask. (In case you missed my initial review of the movie In February, you can read it right here.) I also had the privilege of being a theater captain for my local theater here […]

Why Friends Matter

{This is a great post from my friend, Pastor Richard Armstrong, over at his blog, RichSense.org…enjoy!} How Many Friends Do Most People Have?But having the right ones, that is the question. Building genuine friendships I’ve often wondered, am I normal? Normal, as in the number of close friends I have. Maybe you have the same […]