It’s my birthday! A couple of fun Disney facts from this day in history ;-)

Hey all! I was having some fun search for Disney things that happened on this day, my birthday. Here is what I found for the very year I was born! It is an excerpt from Enjoy as I did! ———————— During a press conference at the Ramada Inn on Highway 50 in Ocoee, Florida (a […]

Refreshing review: Diet Enlightenment by Rachel Pires

{I was given this book for the purposes of reding and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are my own:-)} I love it when I get to read material that resonates with me on a gut level. This is one of those books. I have always leaned toward the matter of losing weight being an exercise […]

The currency of calories #MondayMusings

Last month in March I did my #MyMarchMarathon. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to run/walk 26.2 miles on my treadmill and outside by 3/31. It was a successful challenge for me, as I was able to exceed that mileage and finish ahead of the end of March, and you can read about it […]