Lessons I learned from #MyMarchMarathon

I am so glad {and grateful to God} that I established this challenge for myself and completed it!  I’m proud of myself, and I have seen some good physical results from my efforts. There are some valuable things that I have gained from this experience, and so please allow me to share. Being consistent is […]

My fitness journey: #MyMarchMarathon update #2

Week number 2 has progressed pretty well, and I have been able to move and add to my miles. I am feeling stronger, and I look forward to my time on the treadmill! A couple of times I have been able to get outside to walk, which has be quite refreshing.   However, this challenge hasn’t […]

Thinking out loud: where IS that school bus??

My homeschooling morning has been pretty rough today. Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that my youngest child and only student at home now had a MOMENT today of epic proportions {okay, more like a LONG series of moment strung together in rapid succession 😒} Her 9th grade self was NOT happy […]

The Vernal (spring) equinox explained 

What is the first thing you hear most people taking about at the beginning of March? Most likely, you will hear how they are so done with winter, and how they are most ready for Spring. They are looking forward to the ice and snow melting, for temperatures to start rising,  and for flowers to […]