My basket, my sanity

So, there are things that I do in my home that make life easier for me (and thus, for everyone, lol). My home is filled with love and laughter – and with the five people that make it so. The five of us have stuff, and sometimes most times, that stuff is a bit out […]

I’m going to run a marathon…#MYMarchMarathon!

I’m going to run a marathon in March. Yes, it will be 26.2 miles, but I won’t be the conventional way of doing it. I was a bit inspired by those I know who just ran the Disney Princess Half events of this past weekend. {And truthfully, I was a bit jelly seeing all the […]

Old Fashioned : the Refreshing Talk {no spoiler} review

{I was given a private screening of this film. All options expressed are my very own.} It is worth the wait, on so many levels.   Old Fashioned is a love story based on the wait. The wait to take time to truly get to know someone. The wait to find out the “not so […]

The powerful art of trailblazing

God calls us to be trailblazers. He will take you to places you’ve never been, that no one in your family has ever been, and have you do things that no one else in your family has done. It can be a little unnerving. You don’t know how to do it to who even to […]

Helpful tidbits to enhance your Facebook experience

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with people, both personally and for your business. Most of us who use this social media platform have a good general knowledge on how to use it and how to navigate around. However, there are a couple of finer points that I have discovered for myself which have […]