This year was preparation for a great 2015!

I am really optimistic about 2015, for me and for my family. I have to say that I am thankful for 2014 and all that I’ve experienced. We’ve had some fun and memorable times as a family, and I have endeavors to stay present in those moments. We have had some struggles that we have […]

Purpose in HIS hands: your strengths AND weaknesses

God uses your strengths to bring you success, so that He can showcase HIS strength in your weakness. Whoa. Think about that. The Father gives you strengths (things that come easy and that you are good at) to cause you to succeed in your life. Each of us has a passion for something, and an […]

I am NOT my hair product: a natural hair realization

At some point in your natural hair journey, you will have to square with your true natural hair. I’m not talking about what you CAN do with you hair. I’m talking about what the texture and look of your hair actually is. I’ve been back to natural since my early 30s ( I’m currently 45), […]