Blogging is just one piece…

I’m glad I have a blog. It’s a great vehicle to share good finds, express my thoughts, and encourage those who stop by. It’s also been a great way for me to connect with others in the blogosphere, and to meet people that I would not have met otherwise. Nevertheless, I’m realizing that my blog […]


I am just so thankful for: A husband who gets me. A hubby who has heard my frustration about being injured and not being able to exercise, and who has held me as I melted into tears from that very frustration. A man who not only hears and empathizes, but goes above and beyond to […]

Less is more: working your 40+ style!

Less is more. Especially when you get past 40 years of age. Unlike your teens, 20s and 30s – where you can experiment with makeup and bold colors (in both makeup and clothing), certain hemlines and other fun things – the 40s and beyond are about working what WORKS  for you. Knowing what looks good […]