Birthday month gratitude: Day 28

The object of today’s gratitude moment? My sense of smell! As I walk down the hall to do some daily chores, I am grateful for my olfactory sense. Smells and memory are closely associated, and the pleasant smells from the rooms remind me of my kids and my hubby. They put me in mind of […]

A Bath and Body Works #BBWInsider Giveaway…yay!

Disclaimer: I received this item from Bath and Body Works Insider for the purposes of trying it out and sharing it with others. My opinions are my own. I have a lovely scented candle that I would enjoy giving away! (Not to worry…I have one of my own to keep.) This candle sells for $22 […]

Birthday month gratitude: Day 17

Music is the language of my spirit and my soul. There is a lot I can express through song: my gratitude for God’s love for me and my love for Him, the love I have for the people close to me, and the joy and appreciation I feel for all the blessed things in life […]

The grace to embrace interruption in our home education plans

Sometimes we think that everything going according to schedule is a sign of success. However, the truth is that our schedule is a sign of a willingness to have a plan, that is all. If it all goes the way we planned it, that’s great. But what if we get interrupted by something unexpected? How […]