Inspiration from an unlikely source

I just finished reading an article in the April edition of The Red Bulletin. This is a magazine that showcases people and projects “beyond the ordinary.” One of the people they spotlight in this issue is musician and producer Pharrell Williams. I was surprised at how much I gleaned from this piece, quite frankly. I […]

Refreshing Follow-up: my day at the dentist, 1week later

One week ago today, I got my top two wisdom teeth removed. If you missed my slightly humorous take on my adventure, you can check it out here. I am pleased and grateful to say that things have progressed well in the past week. Here are some things that I’ve noticed: – the slight swelling […]

First person narrative: my day at the dentist

So….last Thursday I had my top wisdom teeth extracted. This was an appt that had been resched not once but twice, one time by the office and one time by the snow. So by the time the 20th came around I was ready. Well, almost ready. In the midst of all the reschedules, I had […]

Refreshing Fitness tip: two simple moves to improve your life…for life!

In my 17+ year journey to recover my body and heal from my diastasis recti, I have recently discovered that to simple moves are helping me out so much. They are simple moves that are lifestyle exercises, and they can be done in everyday movements throughout your day. Each time you do them, you strengthen […]