Refreshing Review and Giveaway: Sisterhood Magazine (Giveaway closed)

Giveaway is now closed. Please enjoy the review! As a mom of teenagers, I have learned that they need many godly, positive influences in their lives. God has not put it all on me or my hubby to do alone, but He supplies people and resources around me to pour into them to grow them […]

Refreshing Review: Disney Classics CD Collection

Part of the fun of visiting any Disney Park (for us) is bringing back memories to last us until we can go again. That memory might be in the form of photographs, a piece of jewelry, a fun hat, or what ever else suits our fancy. However, some of the best memories are triggered by […]

Refreshing Review: Kurlee Belle

Hi all! I just tried out a new natural hair product line, Kurlee Belle…check out my review: (p.s. look in the description box of the video for an introductory referral code for you to use:-) Disclaimer: I received these products for free for the purposes of reviewing them on my site. All opinions expressed are […]

Three Thing Thursday!

My friend Heidi of Heidi’s Head share three neat things about herself every Thursday on her blog, and today I am joining her in doing that! I was just thinking about fun facts about myself in the car before I saw her post, so I am excited to share a little about me! Here we […]

Getting my body put back together

Pregnancy propelled me into my fitness journey. Yep, it’s true. I had never really had to watch my weight, exercise for a goal, or anything like that, through high school, college, and my mid-twenties. Shoot, I really didn’t like to even think about breaking a sweat! Then, I had our first child, a son, at […]