Refreshing Review: iTooch from EduPad

If you are looking for educational apps to supplement your child’s learning experience, iTooch may be a resource that will help you. iTooch apps are offered through EduPad, a French startup company with a passion for creating educational applications for mobile devices for Elementary ages through Middle school. They also offer apps to help teenagers prepare […]

Refreshing Review: Math Mammoth

I find it refreshing as a home school teacher to be able to weave materials into my regular curriculum that reinforce and strengthen my kids’ learning process. Sometimes just having a burst of something different re-energizes them…and me! Math Mammoth is just that for our school, D14 Academy. Math is my strong suit, so it’s […]

Refreshing thought: sometimes you have to swim upstream

It’s no wonder that I like salmon. A LOT. Not only is it a hearty, tasty fish, but its mating ways are a metaphor for life. As I understand it, salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs., and they do it every year, instinctively. It’s part of their survival. Now, upstream isn’t just a direction, […]