Today, I am cutting myself a break

Today I am sunburnt, and I am cutting myself a break. Okay, the two aren’t directly related, but because I am not feeling my best (due to having been in the heat, and, thus, the sunburn), I am taking some downtime to baby myself and to write. And I’m writing about my thoughts as I […]

Going into new territory!

My son is a rising 12th grader. He is the eldest of our 3 , and I know that many of you have been there before. However, the slight difference for me is that he is the first senior that I will graduate myself  in 2014! Yep, I am a homeschool eduacator, and he is […]

Disney on the Road in DC, Part 2

So, the Disney on the road event covered so much that I thought it best to share my experience in two parts. In case you missed the first part, the experience, you can read it here. This part is about what I learned, my takeaways, from the speakers. Truly, these inspiring women gave us solid […]