My Disney on the Road Checklist!

Oke doke…I am over the moon excited to attend Disney on the Road DC (as if you couldn’t gather that already!) So, in order to keep my brain straight, I need to make a checklist for some conference essentials. What do I want to make sure that I don’t leave at home for this special […]


On behalf of my family and me, I would just like to say thank you to all those who have served and are serving in all branches of the armed services. We honor the memories of those who have given their lives defending our freedom and others’, and we salute those who currently serve and […]

What?? I’m going to Disney on the Road Social Media Moms Celebration!

My heart began to race when I saw that icon above in my email this past Wednesday. ( Actually, it almost skipped a beat when I saw the subject line.) As I read it, I realized that this was an invitation…for me! I stared at the screen with my mouth open, trying to grasp the […]

Housecleaning: Perfection or disinfection?

What is the reason that you keep your house clean? I am asking you all because I have had a personal epiphany about my motivation for keeping a tidy and clean home. I’ll be honest, I used to clean to make sure that my home was always prepared for the unexpected visitor who might cross […]