Refreshing Review: Spanish for You by Debbie Annett

I am all about working smarter and more effectively, not harder. This year, I had chosen a popular computer-based curriculum for my 11th and 7th graders to learn Spanish. While I knew that my 12 year-old girl was getting something out of it, I could sense that maybe she needed something with a different approach. […]

Question for you: Too much emphasis on prodigies and phenoms?

So Kelly Ripa made a great point today: We celebrate child phenoms and prodigies and spotlight them (and there is nothing wrong with recognizing their early development). However, what about those kids who are, as Michael Strayhan said, are “late bloomers”? (which I interpreted to mean just normal in development.) Do we put so much […]

Julie Fowlis at JMU!

We had the pleasure of hearing Julie Fowlis at her Master’s class at James Madison University this past Friday, and it was truly a delight. She is a phenomenal singer and musician, and hearing her will take you straight to the Scottish highlands (even if you, like me, have never been). Here she sings one […]

Refreshing Review: Debra Bell’s The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia

Part of the beauty of homeschooling is getting to watch God grow you up as the teacher, even as you teach and grow your students. (Okay, the end product is beautiful, but the middle can be a challenge!) At any rate, I have seen God teach me better and better organizational skills, and it’s a […]