Health tip: the wonders of a cute tumbler, ladies!

If you want to drink more water, get a tumbler that you don’t mind looking at all day to help inspire you! Here is the one I chose for $5 at WalMart: It is a step up from my plain old blue one, I feel all girlie using it, and I am inspired to fill […]

The broad appeal of Duck Dynasty

People can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty. Friends at church light up as they tell me their favorite episodes. My mom in law started to shake with laughter as she recounted a recent show to my hubby and me at the dinner table. People that I talk with regularly on Twitter LOVE the show. Walmart […]

Refreshing Review: FamilyMint Money Management Certification Program

Learning how to handle money. That is a skill that is essential to impart to my homeschooling students (better known as my kids.) For this school year, I purchased a book and crafted a curriculum of my own to try to do just that. While that was giving them good information, I could tell we […]

Fun Friday: guest post on the new

Hey all! You may not know (wink, wink) but I and my family are big Disney fans, and I just had a wonderful opportunity to share our fandom on a new site that just launched today. Doo Dah Disney is Kia Smith’s new site about all this Disney, and we have the pleasure of being […]