My other job…natural hair stylist (at home!)

As a mom of 3, I have a lot of experience doing hair…a LOT. I have 2 girls who have heads full of naturally curly hair, and I’ve spent a great deal of time learning how to style their lovely locks 🙂 here are a couple of photos of their twists: That last one is […]

“All or nothing”: the Progress killer

All or nothing. It’s what I’ve thought to myself when trying to stretch out and do something new…or break out of something old. It’s the kind of effort that I have wanted to give to a project or a passion. It’s the kind of attitude that I have thought would be pleasing to God, thinking […]

Refreshing Review: the Yearly Blog Planner

Do you need help being better organized with your blog? I surely do, and so I began searching for a planner to help me get a handle on scheduling posts and gettting the word out, and all that goes with it. When I was given the link to Homeschool Creations, I was a bit excited. […]

Flashback Friday: Burnout is NOT God’sWay!

Many of us are in the throes of a very busy mid-winter season, and there are many things and projects and responsibilities vying for our time and attention. We could all use a bit of a boost in this time, no? Well, Here is a piece from last year that I wrote that might help […]