A Divine breather

Here’s a juxtaposition and then a thought: Last week it was cold. Now when I say cold, I mean COLD, with temps in the teens and single digits, and with wind chills lower than that. I was wincing and whining at the thought of this type of weather settling in for the duration of winter. […]

Yes…I’m a Disney girl, too!

I am a confessed Disney nut, its true. We spent part of our honeymoon at Disney almost 20 years ago, and I have been hooked ever since! So, from time to time (or more often, lol), I will share with you some of my favorite photos that we’ve taken while on vacation there. Lets start […]

Wait…no one told me about THIS part!

Is it just me, or is your early 40s some kind of interesting transitional period? I have been in my 40s for almost 4 years now, and it has been a bit of a curious ride. I have experienced some weight gain, some slight hormone changes and such, as most of you probably have. (As […]

#3: YOU are how He touches others

God loves people, plain and simple. In fact, His love for people is so strong that He sent His Son to be the expression of His love to the world. Why? So that He, walking the earth like us, would not condemn the world, but reconcile people to Himself. He loves folks so much that […]

Taking a moment…

Today is a special day, and I just want to take this moment on my blog to acknowledge that it is so. We celebrate the life, times, and The Dream of a man whom God appointed to propel our nation into true freedom for all people. We mark the second term presidency of our first […]