Part 2: Getting my body back…and a Giveaway!

I have found something that is helping my body! (please see part one of this post to get my back story, the one that might be like yours.) I kinda “stumbled upon” (providentially) a program by Wendy Powell from the U.K. that is helping my body to get back into fighting form. After 16 years […]

Friday flash giveaway!

Thanks for your interest…the giveaway is now closed. Ladies, I have some nail polishes that I want to give away tonight! Julep is one of my favorite brands, and I received 2 of the suede matte finish polishes, Hailee and Nora, and the matte topcoat. They are great colors for those who can wear matte […]

How do you handle hurt?

I think it is safe to say that, inevitably, you will be emotionally wounded by a person (or people) at some point in your life. I have experienced it, and no, it doesn’t feel good at all. And in my wounded-ness, I sometimes have felt the urge to strike back, hurting them like they hurt […]