One word expressions

This has been a difficult past few days for everyone with a heart and compassion for their fellow man. I don’t want to write in-depth about each instance of sadness, but I do want to express my feelings with one word (or two) for each, so here goes: The Aurora tragedy: depraved,senseless The crimes committed […]

Oh boy! Julep Nail Polish review – and more – coming!

Ladies, I just received this sleek little box in the mail: And upon opening it, I found this: Which, when unwrapped, contained these: And took me by (pleasant) surprise with these: I will post a review soon…and a chance for you to win some Julep nail products of your own! Stay tuned, Dee

Easy peasy homemade granola!

Hey everybody! I have always enjoyed the crunch of granola, as well as its portability as a healthy snack. However, I don’t enjoy the fact that a lot of the ones that are out there are laden with sugar šŸ™ Soooo…… I found an easy way to make my own! I found an organic granola […]