(No Spoiler) Movie Review: Battleship

I just viewed “Battleship” on a date evening with my hubby, and my verdict is: It’s a fun action film with a decent story…I recommend it! Here is what I liked about it (without giving you story details): One of the stars is an actual veteran. I love that! Gregory D. Gadson is an Army […]

The Avengers: You will want to see it…with your kids! (no spoilers here)

Here is my verdict: Disney’s “Avengers” is a winner! Now here is why (I will not be addressing any plot specifics here…I really want you to see it!): A solid story. In my opinion, the hallmark of a truly good movie is a tightly knitted story, and “Avengers” has it, hands down. Everything is done […]

Tuesday Treat: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

My lip gloss quest is over!Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color Gloss is my new find: I am impressed by its smooth application (with a sponge tip applicator), rich color (this is Merlot), it’s glossiness, and the comfort of this product on my lips. It feels like a gloss with the color of a full on lipstick! […]