My travelogue: Los Angeles!

My, my, my. It is a wonderful thing when work and pleasure collide into one great mashup adventure! That is exactly what happened for my husband and I on his conference trip to L.A. Our adventures started with a non-stop flight from Reagan National to LAX. It was a very smooth flight (I thank the […]

Coming soon….

Hey everyone!I have been away from my desk for a couple of moments, taking some vacation time, and it has been most refreshing.Moreover, there will be some more interesting reading for you coming up soon, in the next week or so.  Stay tuned!I have to go and start creating now…see you all soon. Have a […]

Profound words from a teen!

As we were radio surfing in the van on the way to a shopping break, my 14 year-old daughter posed this question: “Mom, who do all the popular songs talk about sex or dating stuff?” Then she said the best thing ever:“A song about shoes would be just fine with me!” Cool thought, huh?