Getting a “handle” on Twitter apps!

So…I am learning my way around the micro-blogging site known as Twitter. I have been doing it for only about four months, and I have to say that some great Tweeps and a little bit of time have helped me learn my way around! With that being said, let me shout out my favorite three […]

Focus on healthy!

Well, friends, I am having to exercise…not because I get joy from it (although I will), but simply due to the fact that I NEED to. There are a few inches and one size that I want to lose, and, most importantly, I want to maintain the awesome health that I have been blessed to […]

Finding my voice!

Wow. I have always considered myself a math and science girl, not necessarily a writer. No….not ever a writer. Now, don’t get me wrong: I write well, I am a word bird, and I have character when I do choose to write. It’s just that I didn’t see myself in a place where I would […]

Living life WITH God

About a month ago, God revealed this truth to my heart: I get to live life WITH God, not for Him. What does that mean? Many times I can get caught up in what I can do FOR the Lord. My attention gets fixed on the works that I can do in His name, for […]