Are you sure you know this?

Here is something that, as you get a hold of it, will revolutionize your life: Jesus not only bore all of your sins, but He died AS me, in my place. That’s right…I was supposed to die for the sins I committed. But that wasn’t what God wanted for me and my life, and He […]

How to feel like a queen on a budget!

If you are like me, you like to feel pretty, even as you conquer the world. However, it’s not always easy when your cash flow is a little tight! What things can you do to still pamper yourself without breaking the bank? Firstly, always keep yourself as well-groomed as you can. Shave, wax, tweeze… do […]

Name update!

Thank you to all who have followed me faithfully…I so appreciate your support! As I look to expand this blog, I wanted to give it a “snappier” name, a moniker that speak more to the breadth of what I desire to express here. “Grace” means the undeserved favor and love of God. “Moxie” denotes vigor, […]