Refreshing skincare: How to keep skincare simple!

Hola all! Sometimes we think that our skincare  regimen has to be complicated in order to be effective.  That is so not true! Now, I am not knocking using products that work for you.  Tried and true things are always good, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! haha Nevertheless, if you are looking to pare […]

The passing of a technological giant…

God used Steve Jobs to bring innovative technology to the forefront and give us tools to reach more people with the Gospel, to make the world quite a bit more of a global community, and to take us places we never thought we could go.  May His peace be with the Jobs family as they learn to […]

NBC’s The Sing Off: why is there not more news coverage??

Have you watched The now occurring Season 3 of the Sing Off? If you haven’t, you are missing some incredibly innovative accapella performances of pop tunes, and musical classics. This is the show to watch every Monday night! But let me ask this: Why isn’t there more media coverage of these great groups? I have […]