Calling all my Zumba gals….

Woohooo! I have just applied at the House Party website to be a host for a Zumba 2 House Party on November 12th. This is a chance for all of my girls who are Zumba enthusiasts to help me out. If I get selected, I want to have the biggest, best Zumba party we can […]

After Labor Day: OK to Wear White?

      Calling al fashionistas who want to wear white after today, Labor Day! Check out this blog post on Yahoo! Shine…and be free! After Labor Day: OK to Wear White? on Shine   

Made me cry….

Today is my 18th Anniversary….Praise the Lord God! I lub you, Art:) Guess what our 3 wonderful children did? They are 15, 13, and 11, and on their own, without assistance or prompting from us or Nana, bought us a $50 Visa card for us as a gift from them to us! I was so […]

Savvy Bella You has a new look!

Hola all, When you know better, you do better. Sooooo….I have done better with an upgrade to the look of my blog! I feel it reflects more of me and what this blog is about, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Please let me know what you think…thanks!